Saturday, 3 December 2011


Not as popular during the winter months, most of these beach huts won't be used again until the spring. The beach huts in Bournemouth are available for sale or rent and some of the new style of hut can be purchased for about £45,000. At that price I certainly will not be buying one!


Anonymous said...

Much welcomed calm. Interesting indeed the amount asked for, bit difficult to understand.
Please have a good Sunday ahead.

limom said...


these temporal rooms said...

i see Trevor you are still
travelling great shots.
i have a lot to catch up on.
happy you found me.

Colin Griffiths said...

Ah, but were you on your bike and did you keep to 10mph max!

Trevor said...

I agree Robert..I can't understand why they are so expensive.


*these temporal rooms*
Glad to have made contact again Robert.

Dorota Narwojsz-Szal said...


hugs :o)

Robert Manz said...

nice geometry Trevor. best regards, robert

DUTA said...

Haven't seen beach huts of this sort on my side of the pond.
Anyway, the price is exorbitant; the picture - intriguing.

Trevor said...

*Colin Griffiths*
I was on my bike Colin, but as for keeping to 10mph....well that would be telling.

*Dorota Narwojsz-Szal*
Your right about nostalgia...beah huts always remind me of my childhood.

*Robert Manz*
Thanks for that Robert.

The price certainly is exorbitant...whats more people actually pay that for them.

ADRIAN said...

These are always photogenic. Just as well at that price.

Trevor said...

Photogenic or not....there is no way I would pay that much for what after all is a glorified garden shed.

Olga said...

Ah, it is kind of expensive :)
However, I enjoyed the photo very much!

Trevor said...

Glad you liked the image Olga.

limom said...

You know, looking at that image again, IMO, there are a couple of things that are holding it back from greatness.

Trevor said...

Please share......

limom said...

It's the light post.
First, I wish it wasn't there.
Second, I with it were straight.

That hill in the background left completes the illusion that the hill top fades into the left border, but that darn light post sort of stops the eyeball from following it.
All those lines going into the vanishing point, cabanas, bike path, hill top, and that post well, I wish it wasn't there.

If you straighten it, maybe the eye passes it, but I think now, because it's a bit off, the eye catches it and the composition sort of ends there.
Remember, the eye seeks out the unusual and I can't help but look at the leaning tower of lamp.

Just my opinion, which isn't really of much value.
It's a great image and one of my favorites.

Too bad it's not on a traditional format like silver gelatin.
I bet those tones would just pop!
How large is the file?
I mean what's the actual image size?

Trevor said...

Thanks for the constructive comments...and yes your opinion is of value as all feedback is useful and welcome.
You are absolutely right...and that lamp post almost stopped me posting the image.... when I captured the shot I took my vertical from the edge of the first beach hut. In retrospect I feel that was an error and as you point out- the lamp post attracts the eye away from the vanishing point...keeping that straight would have worked better though.
I would not remove it in photo shop as I like to complete my composition in camera as much as possible and keep post production to a minimum.
In most cases- what you see is what I took in camera- warts and all.
File/image size 5.07MB (4000x3000)

Colin Griffiths said...

It just goes to show what different opinions we all have. The lamp is in no way a distraction for me, in fact it holds the edge of the composition in and adds some balance. I guess that at the time, you weren't about undertaking a technical exercise to make an image that avoided converging verticals or other such things, but rather reacting to something that caught your minds eye. Sometimes, if you spend too much time in the field, then more still messing about on the computer you can completely loose that sense of emotional impulse that comes through in this image. I really liked it.

Trevor said...

*Colin Griffiths*
I think that you have it in a nutshell there Colin and all the different opinions are one of the things that make photography so interesting.
I have always valued emotion and atmosphere in my images more highly than technical perfection and that was why I decided to post the photograph in spite of the lamp not being perfectly vertical.
I am glad that the lamp wasn't a distraction for you and that you liked the image....for me though I do wish that the lamp was closer to the vertical.