Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Another image from the island of Malta. This one was taken at the medieval citadel of Mdina which is known as 'The Silent City'. The whole of Mdina is an architectural treat. It is the oldest city on the island. Settlement of this area goes back 4,000 years and the Phoenicians fortified part of the town about 1,000 BC. The city received it's present name Mdina from the Saracens who took over the island in 870 AD. For reasons of defence they seperated Mdina from it's nearby suburb of Rabat by a deep moat and surrounded the hill-top section of the city with stronger walls and defence towers. It is from these walls that present day visitors can get great views of the surrounding countryside.
Vehicles have very restricted access to the city and over it's long history the islands gentry and nobility have adopted the city as their 'capital'.
All around the city you will see closed and silent doors and windows and there really is a silence that pervades  throughout the whole citadel.
When taking this picture I wanted to pass on a sense of history, as well as the peace and tranquility that is so much a part of this ancient area.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Formerly, the Selmun Palace was the summer residence for the grand masters of the Order of Saint John. Domenico Cachia built it during the 18th century, in the style of the Verdala castle, located in the south of Malta, near Dingli. This domain was the property of a religious congregation, created by the initiative of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt, in order to raise funds to pay for the ransom of Christians who had been captured by the Ottomans. The chapel that is close to the castle has been christened as Our Lady of Ransom in honour of this congregation.

Friday, 4 February 2011


It is said that every man should have a shed.
It's somewhere to while away the hours.... somewhere to lose yourself. You can spend hours just fiddling-tinkering-fettling-adjusting or just plain old playing with things.
A shed is a sanctuary... a place of peace and tranquility.... a place of escape from the pressures of the world....a place to escape from everyone else.

But it might have a darker side........
When I was a youngster and I brought home from school my term report, the shed was where I was sent by my Mother because that is where my Father would be. I would then offer up to him the proof that I was not and never would be an academic. The proof that I was failing to come up to my Father's high standards. The proof that I was not meeting my parents expectations.

I have never forgotten the feeling of standing in the shed unable to come up with any explanation as to why my report was so bad.......and the smell of the creosoted wooden shed completely enveloped me.

Every time I enter a shed I think back to those moments.