Friday, 4 February 2011


It is said that every man should have a shed.
It's somewhere to while away the hours.... somewhere to lose yourself. You can spend hours just fiddling-tinkering-fettling-adjusting or just plain old playing with things.
A shed is a sanctuary... a place of peace and tranquility.... a place of escape from the pressures of the world....a place to escape from everyone else.

But it might have a darker side........
When I was a youngster and I brought home from school my term report, the shed was where I was sent by my Mother because that is where my Father would be. I would then offer up to him the proof that I was not and never would be an academic. The proof that I was failing to come up to my Father's high standards. The proof that I was not meeting my parents expectations.

I have never forgotten the feeling of standing in the shed unable to come up with any explanation as to why my report was so bad.......and the smell of the creosoted wooden shed completely enveloped me.

Every time I enter a shed I think back to those moments.


Anonymous said...

Indeed an important mean to measure time and life. Once I was made to sleep inside a kitchen alone.
Yes, such places are character building indeed. Stepping out - stronger.
Please have a good weekend.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

Know that you are loved and admired by many today ....failures are inevitable... everyone does Trevor...I failed enough and attained the double out of it ...and today when I look back to them ...they're amusing to me ....Think again Trevor there got to be some positive in it..You know the best :)

pharaonx said...

nice. i like it.

Trevor Woodford said...

You are so right Experiences like these make you a much stronger and well rounded person.

*Life Like This*
Thanks for the comments Bhags. It's not a problem to me these days - just when I was younger.
Nowadays upon entering a shed I just think back to the memories and smile...

I'm glad you like it.
Enjoy your weekend.

DUTA said...

"../somewhere to loose yourself". Right. And also somewhere to face the bare truth.
Everyone has got some shed in his life - past and/or present, virtual or real.

Colin Griffiths said...

I had the opposite experience. As a teenager I had my own shed in the back garden; I insulated it, fitted electricity and a heater and it was my sanctuary, a workshop and a place where I made models. Today, I have a shed/workshop and the spare bedroom is a studio/office.

becky said...

Every woman should have a shed, too! :) Or a garage, or a studio!
You know it's funny... I'm sure our parents only wanted the best for us.... but oooooh can I remember how mean & scary my dad seemed when I was little. Now, he just seems human, which is a good thing.
Have a nice weekend, Trevor!

ADRIAN said...

I too had similar parents. Never thought to ask the obvious question...........Lets see your old reports.....Mine were stuck in a book we had to self bind. If I remember I used bits of old wallpaper.
It all turned out fine this is a grand bit of prose.....the photo is a wee belter too.

Kenneth Larsson said...

This pictures fits really pefect in bw! I like it a lot!

Have a nice weekend! :-)

Nordis said...

Beautiful picture and great story.

Wind said...

Well, I can hide myself even now, if I have the chance to get one! ha ha
To stay inside untill spring!

Trevor Woodford said...

*Duta* *Colin* *Becky* *Adrian* *Kenneth* *Nordis* *Wind*

Thanks again for your comments.
Becky- Your right of course every Woman should have a shed also. Everyone needs their own area of private space.

Dorota Narwojsz-Szal said...

My grandfather had a shed. Stood on the edge of the garden. There were tools and beekeeping equipment. Build hives... In a glass container kept the queen bee. I remember the smell of honey, fresh wood, incense. Wonderful memories.

Cinthia said...

I like this shot, but my english is no, I don't the words ...and I'm just a little sad...;(...

Y. Ikeda said...

Thanks for sharing a sweet story. I want to have my own, too!
Have a wonderful day.

Peri Tozu Fotograf said...

How a nice picture.It is like from a dream world.