Thursday, 2 December 2010


About six years ago I walked the Cleveland way over five days during the Spring. The Cleveland Way extends for 108 miles skirting the edge of the North York Moors National Park.
About a mile from Saltburn-by-the-Sea I came across this seat. I sat down intending to have a 5 minute break  and the next thing I knew I checked my watch and I must have fallen asleep for just over an hour.

The entry in the official guide book for the walk refers to this seat :-
'Towards the top of the lane there is a welcoming seat below a curved stone wall.'

The seat was very welcoming for me as I was obviously tired.


Sile said...

Ciao Trevor, bella e romantica. Sile

Jennifer R. Bernard said...


ρομπερτ said...

A great picture indeed ! Currently trying to get into form for the next Marathon, this surely look alluring. And yes, there were as well days when I sat down on a bench and fell asleep without noticing it at all.

Please have a good month and Friday as well.

daily athens

Leovi said...

Actually, this chair has become poetic beauty. A picture is a poem like all of this blog. Greetings.

Y. Ikeda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I see that the seat is comfortable to take a nap.
Great monochrome image!

DUTA said...

Sleep is a wonderful mechanism, but sometimes it catches us in strange places and positions.
Anyway,the bench looks narrow, so you were lucky not to fall off it.

cloudbusting2 said...

The legs look like they will take you to a journey.

Trevor Woodford said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Yes it was quite a narrow seat so your right I was lucky..!

Funnily enough it seemed that the legs were intended to be slanting - it was a lot stronger than it looks.