Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This carved stone could be the remnant
of a medieval wayside pilgrims cross - however it is popularly believed to be a monument commemorating the assassination of Richard de Clare in the year 1135. This stone is known locally as The Stone of Vengenance or Dial Cerrig.
Richard de Clare and his party were attacked and slain by Morgan -ap -Owen and his supporters.
The killing was an act of revenge and some say that the Welsh had very good cause.
The stone can be found in the Black Mountains and is seen by hill walkers following the Beacons Way (Ffordd y Bannau).
Many people have reported a feeling of deep foreboding as they approached the stone..!


Colin Griffiths said...

Hi Trevor,
I really like this series of images along with the text. I'm trying to do something similar myself about Leicestershire.

Trevor Woodford said...

Thanks Colin,

Glad that you are enjoying the images and text.
For some time now I have had great pleasure from the images that you have posted particularly the Bus Stop theme and the Signs.