Thursday, 18 February 2010


"When we were kids we often played in the grounds of the old Manor. Village gossip and rumour was that nobody had lived at the Manor for over thirty years. The gates were kept locked and there was a nine foot wall around the entire grounds but us kids found a way in by a large overhanging tree at the rear. We liked to play on a large open grass area at the front of the building and this was overlooked by a fancy style window. This window appeared dark and without any sign of life but sometimes we had an eerie feeling of being watched. On a few of these occasions we felt compelled to look up at the window only to see what appeared to be a grey face looking down on us all. The face then seemed to just fade into the dark window. As I said- the window appeared dark and without any sign of life..!!"

From: Reports of Hauntings.

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