Thursday, 9 August 2012


You can always tell from which direction the prevailing wind comes from when walking on Dartmoor.....just take a look at the few trees and bushes that can be seen on the open moor......


Anonymous said...

What wonderful compass.

Please have a good Friday.

Anonymous said...

Trevor,,,I found this in the FB page of Dartmoor:

"The name Bowerman possibly originated from lord Thomas Bowerman (c 1440) and was pronounced "boar"man (the coat of arms contained three boar's heads). Recorded as inhabitants of the Isle of Wight they eventually migrated across England and

A thousand years ago Bowerman the hunter was hunting hare when he accidentally ran into a group of witches, overturning their cauldron. As a punishment one of the witches turned herself into a hare and led Bowerman and his hounds on an lengthy chase before both hunter and hounds collapsed exhausted. As a final punishment the witch turned Bowerman and the terrified hounds into stone.
The granite pillar on Hayne down (Bowerman's Nose) is rumoured to be the petrified hunter whilst the rock formations of Houndtor, his hounds.""

I think you are getting me into a Dartmoor maniac mate :D

Cheers !

Chandra said...

Dartmoor seems like a mysterious place.
Thanks for taking me there through your lovely photographs!
Peace :)

Trevor said...

*Robert Geiss*/Alberto Oliver/ *Chandra*

Thanks for the visit and comments....