Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Most photographs of Mont-St-Michel in Normandy Northern France are taken at some distance in order to show the Mont in its full setting half a mile off the coast. When I visited the Mont in the spring I also took a number of images of the Mont from some distance away and that is certainly the most popular view that we all see.

However the Mont can also be quite impressive when viewed closer as can be seen in this image of the massive structure which almost seems to be growing out of the very rock itself.

Mont St Michel and it's bay is included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. At the very top of the spire is a statue of the Archangel Michael.


BrandNewStudio said...


ADRIAN said...

A great bit of perspective.

Dorota Narwojsz-Szal said...

Chciałabym tam się znaleźć.
Marzenia. Dreams.

Hugs, Trevor :o)

joaquín said...

As you say, I've always seen St Michel in the distance, but your perspective is really impresionant too

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing, as I did not know about it.
Please have a good Friday.

Chandra said...

Nice job, Trevor! Love sepia and B&W!!

Paz :)