Thursday, 18 August 2011


It is no secret that I prefer black & white and toned images to colour. The reason for this is because I think it can give an almost 'not of this world' feel to an image and that is a style of photography that I enjoy. I will also use infra red techniques with some of my images particularly of old buildings.

One exception in my use of colour is to Solarize the image....This still gives me the 'not of this world' image style that I like but the unreal mix of colour....all most pop art in appearance...  can help to create a really unusual and bright picture that I find quite refreshing.

The solarized image above is typical of the effect. I took three images of this scene, black & white - colour- and this solarized one. Both the black and white and colour shots just did not work...they tended to appear flat and boring, however the solarized shot livened up the view and seems to work well with a colourful character like Mickey Mouse.

I prefer to make my image 'alterations' at the point of capture rather than post production.

**Remember to click or double click to enlarge the image to see it better.

For the next month I will be away cycling back to the UK from Gibraltar....I will resume posting  on this blog towards the end of September....Probably back to black & white again..


ADRIAN said...

Brilliant. It looks superb large. I don't have a camera can do this. All the best and have a good pedal back from Gib.

ρομπερτ said...

Thank you for this lesson of colour.

A safe road ahead !

DUTA said...

I'm a fan of everything solar. However this is the first time I learn about a solarized image.
The picture with its lively colors looks great!

Have a safe and enjoyable cycling trip !!

Olga said...

Your experiment was successful. Everything looks unusual, but entrancing.

AphotoAday said...

Well that solarization gives me some ideas... Have never tried it... Occasionally, when I have an uncooperative photo, I'll posterize it. Works wonders sometimes, but other times fails...
Hey, have a great time on your cycling expedition...

villa said...

Muy interesante y bonita imagen.

Saludos desde Salamanca.