Sunday, 24 July 2011


One minute you can be flying along through life without a care in the world........the next moment it can all come to a grinding halt.
Our health is so important to us and must be one of our most valuable assets...we don't think about it much when we have it, but it can be taken from us in an instant and then we become only too aware of it's true value.

 Sorry for the recent break in my posts - I am pleased to be back.


Colin Griffiths said...

Trevor: It's good that you are back! It's a strange thing how someone's absence on the internet, someone who you have never met and probably never will, can be on your mind. I have wondered how you are this summer and it was good to see this post pop up on my Google Reader. Best Regards, Colin.

joaquín said...

Happy to see you again, Trevor. A nice picture

limom said...


ρομπερτ said...

It is said, that we are all one-winged angles, able to fly, only while embracing eachother.

Incredible picture !

daily athens

Trevor said...

Thanks for those kind words Colin.

Pleased that you like the photo.

*limom* is a touching image.

Interesting comment on Angels...Glad you like the picture

ADRIAN said...

Good to see you back.......I hope all is well.

Trevor said...

*Thanks Adrian...

Chandra said...

It is delightful to have you back, Trevor! Wish you lots of great health!!

Peace :)

Olga said...

The image is a little sad, but it's also beautiful.

Trevor said...

Thanks's great to be back.

It is a sad image Olga..As limom put it- Poignant!

becky said...

Hey Trevor,
hope you're feeling well. it's true how we take our health for granted, though i work in healthcare, so when i am working i have a daily reminder of this. almost too much reality of how things can go wrong.
Welcome Back & wonderful image!

Trevor said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks for your kind comments....glad you like the image.

Sill Scaroni said...

An angel to rest and gather strength to fly ...
Beautiful shot.

Phreerunner said...

Good to see you back, Trevor. I echo Colin's thoughts.

villa said...

Sencilla y llamativa imagen. ¡Felices vacaciones!.

Un saludo desde Salamanca.

Trevor said...

*Sill Scaroni*
Pleased you like the shot Sill.

Thanks for your comment.

I am glad you liked the the way I will be stopping over in Salamanca on my way to Gibraltar mid August.

Dorota Narwojsz-Szal said...

Hmm ... I lost a friend. He walked away and never come back. Amelia fell seriously ill, had surgery, is already well ... I sit at the bottom of a deep well, dropped off my wings, like an angel on your photo.


Trevor said...

*Dorota Narwojsz-Szal*
I hope that you will be back in 'full flight' soon Dorota.