Thursday, 14 April 2011


Exmoor is a National Park in the south west of England. The area of the park is spread over two counties  - 71% is in the county of Somerset and 29% is in Devon. The entire park covers an area of 267.5 sq miles.
It is primarily an upland area with a dispersed population mainly living in small villages and hamlets.

Before it was a National Park Exmoor was a Royal Forest and hunting ground which was sold off in 1818. Exmoor was designated a National Park in 1954 and is named after the main river that flows out of the district - the River Exe.


ADRIAN said...

This is my favourite image so far. I'll keep hanging in for a better one but have my doubts I'll see it. This is perfection.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

i am this is a beautiful park Trevor. the rocks around the tree so nicely placed in your photograph
looks as though they were spit out of the earth.


Trevor Woodford said...

Wow..! Thanks so much for such a wonderful comment on this image.

*all ways 11 0'clock
Thanks Robert.
I always think of Exmoor as being Feminine and Dartmoor feeling more masculine.. Exmoor is beautiful and Datmoor is more rugged.

Anonymous said...

how inviting a sight. looks even stronger than time itself.

please have a good friday.

daily athens

Olga said...

I really enjoyed reading the comments; especially your comment about Exmoor being feminine and Datmoor being masculine. Beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

NIce one Trevor.
I love the story behind the picture - makes the picture just that more special.

I see what you mean it's mainly black and white in this blog. But i love it.

Nice job!


Anonymous said...

Your little post are always interesting as to read ! I like your beautiful picture !

Bye :))

Leovi said...

Wonderful composition in B / W, high-quality, charm, very poetic. Greetings ..

Sile said...

Trevor, una ottima foto, un caro saluto. Sile

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by Trevor and leaving the comment about the sepia picture. I did consider it looking better with a darker sky - but it was sooo bright that day, and I don't edit my pictures when I take them. I like to leave them as natural as possible. :-)

so is this blog more for your pictures, and the other about cycling? Must be tough maintaining two blogs - I struggle with one. :-)

Luzia said...

I love this kind of trees in such a landscape. Nice to paint such scenes..... Hugs from Luzia.

pharaonx said...

a delight for the eyes. i like it very much.

SKIZO said...