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Friday, 11 March 2011


On many occasions I have found myself in Santander in Northern Spain. Either arriving on the ferry from the UK at the start of  a Trekking trip in the Picos de Europa or preparing to leave on the Ferry at the end of a visit.
At the beginning of September this year I will be back in Santander while on route to Gibraltar for the start of my cycle ride back to the UK.
This water feature is to be found in a small square in the shopping district of the town. I was taken by the shape and angular lines of  the feature as well as the reflections on the smooth surface of the water.


Sill Scaroni Photographia said...

A reflection full of poetry ...
Great shot.
Hi ! ;))

ρομπερτ said...

What a challenge to make life fit into such a form. Great picture indeed. Please have a good start of the weekend.

daily athens

ADRIAN said...

Another gem of a composition.

SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

pharaonx said...

well thought out.I like the reflection completes the picture, giving it dimension.nice

DUTA said...

I'm a great fan of pictures displaying reflections in water.
Your luck - to stumble upon this unique, angular shaped little place.

Mahon said...

The water seems so calm with the stress of this environment !
A great photo !

Bye :))

Luzia said...

Thats a perfect geometrie and reflexion! Hugs from Luzia.

Robert Manz said...

I repeat Luzia's comment... a perfect combination of geometry and reflection. and I add that the light tones add more... the woman's pants, the truck and the people in the right background. it is a dynamic composition ! regards, robert

drcraciun said...

Can I ask you something alittle bit more personal ? Have you had or do you have in your family WW II veterans ? I do not think I could exctly pinpoint the reason why I am asking this question, not now certainly, maybe later I will manage to clarify it for myself when and if from just an intuition it actually becomes a coherent logical thought ! Hey, guess what, you just helped define for myself and better understand for myself what creativity means and how it develops. Thank you. (this could have happened ONLY because you are certainly a creative person your self, but more tahn that, you manage to TRANSMIT your creativity and/or feelings to others who may be watching your photogarphs, to me that means that you can in fact be labeled as an ARTIST !