Monday, 31 January 2011


This cross is situated in a hollow near the Western Wella Brook on Dartmoor. It is 5Km from Didworthy and just 1Km from the old clapper bridge. It is a boundary marker and was set up in the 16th century after Buckfast Abbey had suffered dissolution. The wall seen behind the cross is of more recent construction.

This marker is beside the Ancient Abbots Path which at this point forms part of the Two Moors Way which is one of the National Trails. The cross makes a good lunch stop for walkers on the trail.


Victor Mihiş said...

good to see people taking care of treasures, values, and landmarks of the past
thank you, Trevor
take good care of you
please have a nice week

Colin Griffiths said...

So is the cross 16th century, or is it older and was originally at the abbey? If so, one wonders why it was used as a marker in this way; perhaps it was a sign of disrespect by supporters of dissolution.

Trevor Woodford said...

Thanks for your comments. It is interesting that as part of the programme of care for crosses such as this one many have been micro chipped just in case they ever get stolen.

The exact age of this cross is unknown. There is a tradition on Dartmoor for crosses to be used as boundary markers as many of them are connected with Christianity. This one was erected by the Petre family in order to mark the extent of the new estate they acquired following the dissolution.They often have dual purpose, marking both private estate and parish boundary. This one is also on the Abbots Path which again has a religious history. Not a full answer but the best I can manage I'm afraid..

Anonymous said...

What a great mean to measure time. Must feel great being able to touch. Please have a good new month.

daily athens

ADRIAN said...

I really must get back to Dartmoor. I find the boundary markers fascinating. uBut my favourite are the standing stones.
I enjoy your B/W images.

DUTA said...

How very interesting! A religious symbol, a cross, used as a land boundary marker.
The picture in black and white has a dramatic effect upon the viewer.

Olga said...

You have such a beautiful way of conveying everything your eye sees to us :)

pharaonx said...

I really like how you manage to combine nature with history. nice work

Andras said...

Good photo and story!
Have a great weekend!

Trevor Woodford said...

*Robert* *Adrian* *Duta* *Olga* *pharaonx* *Andras*

Thank you all for your kind words that really act as a form of encouragement for me.
I hope that you all have a really god weekend.

Wind said...

'The cross makes a good lunch stop for walkers on the trail.'
Good stop for having deep thoughts about life!
Have a great weekend!

Trevor Woodford said...

I agree - a place for quiet reflection.

Sandro e Cristina said...

Fantastic shot! Trevor
Bye Sandro & Cristina