Sunday, 21 November 2010


 Old Wardour castle is situated near Tisbury not far from Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire.
These  magnificent remains of a doorway and steps at the castle stand as a romantic relic of a time long past.
The castle was built in the 14th century and was partially destroyed during the civil war suffering a major bombardment by the Parliamentarians.
Lady Blanche Arundell who's husband was in Oxford at the time the enemy forces arrived had to defend the castle with a small garrison of only 25 men. The force against her numbered 1300 but Lady Blanche refused to surrender holding out for a number of days before being overrun and finally being forced to give in.

It is said that the ghost of Lady Blanche can sometimes be seen walking down the steps and across the castle grounds towards the lake.


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How very impressive a story and sight. Of great joy to 'meet' the history of these steps. Thank you for sharing. Please have a good new week.

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cloudbusting2 said...

The turn to the left makes it mysterious and inviting. A blast from the romantic past.

Brian Leverton said...

Hi Trevor, Great story about the Lady Blanche, and her struggle to hold the castle against overwhelming odds,great photo as well.Brian